KIOXIA TransMemory 64GB White (LU203W064GG4)

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Memory storage capacity 64 GB
Hardware interface USB 2.0
Reading speed 6 Megabytes Per Second


Overview:- KIOXIA TransMemory 64GB White 

  • Simply press the push button to reveal the USB connector. Slide it back when you are finished and no longer use the drive.
  • USB 2.0 Standard: The Mini USB 2.0 is suitable in all USB 2.0 ports which is standard in every PC. Data transmission is possible in both directions.
  • Lightweight and Compact: The USB flash drives are perfect for carrying all of your data wherever you go! They are ideal for portable devices such as notebooks, tablets, or digital frames.

Technical Details:-

  • Fashionable Design: The very small and slim design makes it easy to use.
  • As a result, the power consumption of notebook PCs is minimized even when using a USB flash memory.
  • These KIOXIA TransMemory 64GB White drives are capless and therefore very convenient. You do not need to take the cap on and off anymore.
  • One of the Lowest Power Consumption in the Industry Low power consumption is achieved thanks to KIOXIA’s original technology, such as multi-layering of high-speed NAND flash memory and a dedicated low-power-consumption ASIC controller.


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